Halloween and a new house

Picture above from right to left: Kim (Zebra), Adam (the complete fireplace), Jess (Snow White), Andrea (Tiger), Ada (Sailor), Laura (Mummy), Rob (the tuxedo/boxer shorts man), Marcus (Buffalo Bill), Katie (Broccoli) and me (Anton Chigurgh).

A few weeks ago I wrote about my first Canadian Thanksgiving, something I considered to be the most notorious of North American holidays. If this is the case, coming in close second would be Halloween. It was amazing last year and, as I’ve come to know with most things in Fernie, it wouldn’t disappoint in 2014.


Decorations at one of the houses we worked on this Fall.


The friendly Lego man who processed our sale at Home hardware









The great thing about Halloween over here is the fact that EVERYONE gets into it. Houses are donned with carved pumpkins, fake spider webs and all sorts hanging from a noose. Even the autumn leaves are swept up and kept in orange garbage bags with faces on them. It’s these small details that I tell my Canadian mates we lack back home.

So there’s not much left to write about that pictures can’t explain. We went out dressed in crazy costumes, got loose and had a great night. I wish I had taken more photos but didn’t really have the foresight in my condition, enjoy!


Marcus getting ready with Katie the brocoli.


The transformation, Marcus into Buffalo Bill (from Silence of the Lambs) and myself as Anton Chigurgh (from No country for old men).











Party at “the Pub”, some great costumes were about.


The winner of the costume contest and a free season ski pass. Heather’s head served up on a plate.











a quick snap of the new house!


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