Rememberance day and first snow

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month always reminds me of high school, where myself and the rest of the Marist boys would have to gather in the quad for the Rememberance day service and minute of silence. Although I’ve been away from home for a while it’s a tradition I’ve tried to keep up with, especially since my Nan and Grandad lost family in the war and had recently found their respective graves over in France.

Fernie being a small mountain town and with a population in the thousands, I was very surprised to find out that they were holding a service out the front of town hall. My housemates and I decided to head along despite the -15 degree temperatures and were even more suprised by how many people had turned out. The service didn’t last long but it was nicely done and with the first snow of the season falling just a couple days before, the backdrop was pretty scenic.

IMG_1213 IMG_1219


First snow sitting nicely on my van “Van” 🙂


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