Shoulder season

(Picture above: Skating on Maiden Lake. About the size of a few olympic size swimming pools, great for working on skating technique without too many onlookers).

After recently finishing my summer landscaping job, I have landed a new part time position at a local bagel shop/cafe (Big Bang Bagels) however am only working 1-2 days a week but this will pick up as winter hits. The lack of work combined with  freezing temps and a ski hill that will remained closed for another 3 weeks, can make November a testing month to say the least.

The dreaded shoulder season can be a tedious period waiting in anticipation for fresh lines but there are always things to do to help stave off the boredom (see pics below). I’m also thankful that I’m in a much better position all round compared to when I was a newbie in town last winter. Only a year ago I was jobless, without a car and living above the pub where one of the local crack heads living next door to me got himself stabbed in the kitchen by another guy who lived down the hall (ah memories).


 Skating rink with Steve (left) and Ryan


Catching up on quality tv


The boss at Big Bang let us close up an hour early and head down to a pond for some ice hockey with obligatory Irish coffee/hot choc.


View from the hockey “arena”. Not bad knocking off work early on a Saturday afternoon!

Anyways that’s it for now, not overly exciting but I’m not complaining. Not too many people get to put on the ice skates and head down to the local pond, at least not where I’m from. Now if it would just snow some more!


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