Shoulder season part 2

Photo above: taken by my housemate Sam, Ryan sitting in the skate park the day after a big snow storm. Mt Fernie is in the background.

Despite trying to keep busy doing numerous activities (see last post) November has continued to be quite a slow month. I ended up house sitting for my old boss from Barkside which involved looking after her cats and dogs. I miss the family dogs back home so it was nice to get my fix, even if the red heeler did try to bite my ass when I first walked into the house. Walking the mutts was great fun in the snow, especially watching the small chihuahua cross “Rebel” up to her ears in snow.


“Trout” the Aussie Red Heeler and “Rebel” on a walk down by the river


Katie and Eveliene walking up the toboggan hill. Just a random picture to create symmetry.









One saving grace recently is that we have continued to get some fresh snow, especially after the large storm on Friday night. The manager of the restuarant that I work at on the ski hill posted on facebook that it had gone from +10 degrees to -10 degrees within 10 minutes. I’m sure there’s a tad exaggeration in there but the storm that followed justified the statement. Freezing rain turned to snow in a flash and my windshield was encrusted with ice lumps when I got out of the gym that wouldn’t budge from some solid scraping. The drive home involved myself and Sam driving almost blind, having to open our doors at the highway intersection to make sure we weren’t taken out by a semi. Quite the experience!  The next day the locks were frozen shut on my car and I had to climb through the boot to get in.


Over a foot of fine snow was blown about by gale force winds on Friday night and into the morning. The next day involved lots of shovelling!


Snow plows removed huge amounts of snow from the main street which created large snow berms. Crossing the street involved a mini scramble up the snow mounds 🙂










Sam “cutting” my hair.


Creating snow. Physics is Phun!









Less than a week left now until the ski hill opens! I need to get a few pieces of snow gear before I hit the mountain which might involve a trip down the USA for cheap prices and no sales tax. We had planned to go down this weekend but had to cancel due to the weather. Until then, myself and housemates will continue to keep busy. Tomorrows mission after ice skating is to find a Christmas tree to cut down…




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