And the season starts…

Pictured above: Early bird gets the worm! My housemates Marcus, Ryan, Katie and Sam get the first chair of the season on the Timber lift at Fernie Alpine resort. You can see my head in the background, I humbly took the second lift.


Ryan (left) and Sam take in the view over the town on the Falling star run during opening weekend.

Fernie ski hill has been open for over 2 weeks now, with the opening weekend boasting pretty good conditions. It was still early season conditions however nice turns were to be had all over the mountain. unfortunately between then and now the conditions have turned sour with a mixture of rain and warmer temperatures leaving the hill rather exposed and sadly un-skiable in parts. As I write this however it is dumping down outside and is sure to set a perfect scene for Christmas eve (of course I’m working 😦 )

IMG_1363 IMG_1360

To keep busy whilst the conditions have been average, my housemate Marcus and I enrolled for the AST 1 course (Avalanche, Skills and Training) run by the local ski patrol. Working for the hill, we both received a discount so the course cost $100 for 2 days, not a bad price. As we have both purchased the gear needed to do some back country touring this year, it was an essential step to make sure we’re both safe and are able to make the right decisions in potentially dangerous situations.

The course was made up of a classroom component for 1 day and a field day where we would put theory into practise. The course was very interesting covering a variety of topics, my favourite being the snow study which is pictured above. By the end it had definitely made both of us more confident before heading out on the first tour which will hopefully happen in the new year after much more practise with our gear and when the conditions are right!

The next entry will hopefully have some photos from a great Christmas day 🙂




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