Warm weather and dwindling snow

Not the most cheery of titles I know but it accurately describes what is going on at the moment in Fernie. For the last few weeks, temperatures have been unseasonably warm (up to +13 degrees on Australia day!) which combined with some rain and cold snaps has made the ski hill icy and not that much fun. Put it down to global warming or bad luck, whatever the reason it’s making everyone a little melancholy and cabin feverish to say the least.

So to combat such harsh times what does one do?

Number 1: improve life skills, namely cooking. Thanks to an amazing care package from back home I’m now blessed with a pantry load of spices which I’ve used to cook up a few things. Example A my attempt at a beef rendang (it actually tasted pretty good despite the unflattering camera work).

IMG_1441 IMG_1434

Number 2: avalanche transceiver practice. New this year to the ski hill is a practice area for those wanting to improve their skills before heading into the back country. A number of plywood boards are buried within a marked out area and contain neat little gadgetry that allows them to be picked up by an avalanche transceiver. Using a central console to set up a scenario, the “searcher” locates a specified number of these boards or “victims” and confirms the location by using a probe. Once the designated number has been found and properly located, the training is over and you can return to the console to check how quickly you were able to find each one. Pretty neat and proved a great way to get used to our new gear.


Number 3, dress like idiots on Australia day and enjoy drinks in the balmy weather. Pretty self-explanatory but the Spring like conditions were too good to pass up, even if the run down the hill involved dodging a few rocks and grassy areas.

IMG_1460 IMG_1469





Number 4, undo the negative effects of number 3 by going for a hike/ice skate. The latter didn’t happen due to the ice being a bit sketchy but the hike itself to Silver Springs was enjoyable enough.

So that’s a recent update of what’s been going on in Fernie. Hopefully the Griz will bless us with some new snow for February. Fingers and toes are crossed 🙂


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