The season continues …

Picture above: strolling down main street early in the morning to work at the bagel shop. Fernie ski resort is just waking up in the background.

In the last couple of weeks since my last post, the snow conditions have only improved slightly however I’m still trying to make the most of the mountain. Temperatures have dropped again which is allowing the snow making machines to fire up and a recent 9 cm dump (yes we are calling that a dump this year) has made the groomers fast and grippy, perfect for working on improving technique/riding switch etc.

I also snuck in a road trip up north to Edmonton of all places, experiencing some pretty gnarly road conditions on the 7 hour drive. I had a break from skiing however had my first ski-dooing experience in some fresh snow. It was great fun fanging around some fields and even crossing a pretty busy road. I also got to go ice skating on an outdoor rink at Hawrelak park in the city center with the pint size Meagan, Torvill and Dean eat your hearts out 🙂

                                   10984822_10152614468756837_81619303_n IMG_1475

So with February winding down we are officially moving into the Spring time although it feels like we’ve been here for a while now. There are some fun events to look forward to with tonight being a “Western” themed staff party for the ski hill followed by the German Sparkle party next week (there will be photos but I’ll let your imagination run wild). There is also Griz days, retro weekend and hot dog day all to look forward to so the season continues! Will hopefully have some funny pics to post next week.


The open road: Taken on the drive back to Fernie on the 22 Cowboy trail. For some reason this photo gets me excited to travel 🙂


One thought on “The season continues …

  1. The snow conditions aren’t much better here Jordie. Although we had a little smattering (around 20cms) a few nights ago. My powder skiing still needs work, but we’re hanging on the itinerary runs rather than the slopes – so that’s an improvement. Fingers crossed for big snow before spring! X


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