Road-trip to Nelson and new snow !!!

Pictured above: Tristen, Me, Sam and Marcus standing in front of Al Green at the Kootenay lake Ferry waiting to cross for the journey back to Fernie. Marcus was very hung over.

A couple of weeks ago, plagued by lack of snow and more than enough rain, our original crew of Desmonds decided to go on a road trip to explore a new mountain and get around some positivity. Also, with Sam going travelling to South America and Marcus heading back home to Australia after the season, it meant this would be one of the last trips we would all do together. Sad sackness 😦

IMG_1552 IMG_1567

We set off early in the morning to the town of Nelson, about 3-4 hours North West of Fernie, and stopped off at another ski hill, Kimberley, on the way. After some dramas 30 minutes into the drive (Marcus forgetting his helmet and goggles) we pressed on to the much smaller mountain and enjoyed a nice morning of Spring skiing. To our surprise, Kimberley delivered some great skiing with our favourite run being a nice long rolling groomer. We went hard for 3 or 4 hours and then fuelled up with some food at the Stemwinder (food was pretty decent) before heading on to Nelson.

We arrived in town early evening after driving at a leisurely pace and having to stop a couple of times as Sam’s massive van (Al green) almost wore the brake pads down. We checked into our tiny hotel room where the 4 of us would share 2 double beds, and within minutes the Dutch oven experience began which turned the room into a stinky pit of dankness for the next 2 days. Reasonable price though and free continental breakfast, not bad eh.

1976955_10153227009550439_3223549676893593264_n Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 7.44.07 PM








By coincidence our other housemates Ryan and Katie were also in Nelson and we all had dinner that evening at a nice Indian restaurant. Avoiding any stomache upsets, we made it up the ski hill the next morning at the Whitewater resort and spent the day shredding the comparatively nice snow. After a great day on the slopes, we then spent the rest of the night getting loose at the local bars, ending up at Flinders for karaoke til the early hours of the morning. It was a great night and a great trip, only to be surpassed by what would arrive in Fernie a few days later…

IMG_1570 11071852_10155338923940517_1873293606_o








65 cm of snow !!! Finally after so much waiting Fernie delivered a winter worthy day with thigh deep powder and some sweet turns. I finally got to put some use to the fat 118 pow skis I bought this year and they made the runs effortless. Although most of the snow has now gone from rain and warm temps, the memory of that day still lives on and is another reason of temptation to stay and do another winter here!


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