Hot diggity dawg!

The gang (from left): Sam and Ryan on top. Duane, Kylie, Cass, Jemma, Rob, Katie, Willo, Me, Tristen, Marcus, Steve and Bowen.

Arguably the best day of the year on the ski hill, Hot dog day delivers 80’s feel good times and  in 2015 it didn’t disappoint. Based on the movie “Hot Dog”, the day involves crowds of people dressing up in fluro, mullets and onesies, getting drunk and sending it off a massive kicker. For this grand day, the ski resort turns a blind eye and lets everyone enjoy themselves with a few drinks on the hill.


Unknown rider sending a big grab


That mullet!










This year we got a visit from some of our friends up in Revelstoke who had done the last winter with us in Fernie. After a solid pre-game session we headed up the hill for some jumps and then to the Rusty Edge for some intensely horrible dancing. What a day!!!


Kylie, Willo and cass joining the action. Must have been a good song.


Someone brought their pet goat, normal no?












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