That’s a wrap

Pictured above: the gang at the pub for Sams tropical themed fundraiser.

The 2014/15 season is officially done with the last day falling on the 12th April (my birthday!). It’s been a busy week between now and then with many friends packing up and going their separate ways, some heading home and others continuing their travels elsewhere. My good friend Sam has embarked on a cycling trip from Vancouver to Mexico, Ryan and Katie on a road trip through the USA and then to Tofino and Marcus boi back to Adelaide.

Overall it was an up and down season with the conditions but we all made the best of it, whether it was visiting new resorts or hiking when there should have been snow on the ground. The summer is now looming and I’m getting ready to go back to landscaping, not a bad job when you live in the mountains.

The shoulder season is always difficult, especially when many close friends have left, one of the few downsides to a travelling lifestyle. To commemorate the season, here’s a look back at the many dress up parties.


Winner of best dressed at the Big Bang Bagels staff party. It was a 70’s murder mystery. I was one of the village people 😛


Roller disco girls Bridgette, Heather and Britta











german sparkle party

German sparkle party. The picture says enough and my mate Marcus on the left picked up that night haha

cowboy staff

Western staff party on the ski hill.












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