Spring Hiking

Pictured above: Eveliene, Rob, Kim and Marcus doing their best Abbey Road.

A few weeks ago a group of us headed out to complete the North York Creek plane crash trail, a hike about 45 minutes to the East of Fernie. Like the name suggests, the trail takes you to the wreckage of a RCAF DC-3 Dakota plane (military transport plane) which crashed in 1946. All on board were killed, a bit morbid, but none the less we had heard it’s quite the nice hike.


Signage at the start of the hike, follow this path and NOT over the bridge to the left


This sign is passed after about 30 minutes, reassuring that you’re on the right track










The trailhead was accessed via the town of Coleman just off highway 3, then continuing on to a dirt trail which is found by crossing a small bridge and following 13th Avenue to the right.ย  After 10-15 minutes on the dirt trail we parked just before a pedestrian bridge and took the ATV trail which we would follow all the way to the wreckage.


Sam and Rob scoping some back country lines ๐Ÿ˜€


The trail levelling out just before the crash site








It was a beautiful blue bird Spring day however we were surprised by how much snow lay on the trail, a solid foot in some sections. This made the relatively moderate hike a bit trickier in the steep sections, especially when returning in the afternoon. The whole day we had the trail to ourselves with the exception of a couple of dudes on some quad bikes.


We completed the return hike in around 4.5 hours with a generous break for lunch at the site, made longer by a heated debate between Sam and I over banana peels and biodegradable ethics haha.ย  Squabbles aside we got back to the cars with plenty of day light left and decided to head to the Rum Runner pub where we capped the day off with a beer and a hearty meal. It was a great hike and one that I’ll likely re-visit in the summer ๐Ÿ™‚



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