May long weekend, the Hoodoos and fossil hunting

Pictured above from left to right: Tim, Meagan, Alissa and Blake above the suspension bridge at Drumheller.

Last weekend was a long one thanks to old Queen Victoria’s birthday so we planned a trip into Alberta to check out the town of Drumheller, made famous for its discovery of dinosaur fossils and all things prehistoric. Myself, Tim and Meagan drove the 4.5 hours early Saturday morning and after a brief pit stop at the town of Vulcan to check out a Star Trek museum, we made our way to the Royal Tyrrell museum.

The museum houses some of the most complete and well preserved fossils of dinosaurs in the world, including a complete T-rex skeleton “Black Beauty” that was found by two high school students who were fishing not too far away from Fernie! As far as museums go, it was pretty enjoyable, the exhibit was well set out and contained some interesting facts.

11233180_10153284858141678_4909140126261476971_n IMG_1895

After the museum we drove around to hike and view some of the canyons around the area, made distinct by the various layers of sediment and coal that can be seen on top of each other. We only managed a couple of hours due to the rain, then did a quick shop at Walmart before setting out to the small ghost town of Wayne to find a campground for the night.

We passed the Guiness world record of 11 one way bridges to get to the small abandoned coal town of Wayne, hoping to find a place to pitch our tent and cook a meal. We had a friendly chat with some local campers and found that the campsite, and one adjacent, was booked out for the weekend. “Are you here for the event?” a couple of nice girls asked. “What event?” we asked. “Oh the LGBT event” they replied. After some more small talk we eventually decided to head on as there wasn’t any room, Tim oblivious the whole time as to what LGBT actually meant. After explaining it to him in the car we had a good laugh and then luckily stumbled upon a smaller campground just a 5 minute drive away.


We spent the night drinking inside around the camp furnace with a couple of old timers named Rob1 and Rob 2 and another colourful character by the name of Randy, who later divulged that he had been arrested for having a million dollar marijuana crop and that the tattoo of the word “Freedom” was inked in tribute of the paedophile that he had killed. Let’s just say that after this comment we switched off the rock classics and went to bed for a chilly nights sleep at -1 degrees.

IMG_1901 IMG_1916

The next day we rose relatively early and despite our hangovers, made our way out to see the Hoodoos (naturally shaped rock features), old suspension bridge and Horseshoe canyon. The weather had done a 180 and it was a great day, we explored for a few hours and then finished our time in Drumheller with a nice lunch at a family run diner “Bernie & the Boys” before heading back to Fernie.

It was a short but sweet roadtrip but we had enough time to see the best that Drumheller had to offer. I would definitely recommend checking it out to any friends or fam who are in the area, especially the museum 🙂


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