Hiking the Elephant’s head

Above” Adam, Nicola, Steve and Meagan

The first Sunday in July it was locals day at the Fernie Alpine Resort, this meant a free lift pass to use on the ski hill and a chance to hike some of the trails we are so used to skiing/boarding during the winter. A small group of us Fernie folk couldn’t pass up the opportunity so we head up in the morning to hike up to Polar peak, the highest station on the mountain.

IMG_2103 IMG_2116

After showing some I.D and getting our passes, we hopped on the Timber chair to take us up to the trail head. A short walk past the toilets and along the cat tracks, we made a left at the marked trail sign that would send us climbing higher onto the ridge and curry headwall (for those less adventurous/able you can hike the road up to polar peak instead of the ridge). Soon we passed over the Elephants head with great views of Fernie and the backside of ski hill below, we even managed to spot some rocky mountain goats in the distance precariously chilling on a ridge.

IMG_2110 IMG_2121

Above: (left) hiking over Elephants head and (right) looking back and seeing why it has its name.

The hike was well-marked with painted red spots and in just under 2 hours we had made it all the way to Polar Peak. For anyone scared of heights, there are a few sections that require the use of steel ropes to help lower down safely however there are great foot holds for stability. The weather was overcast and much cooler at the top, luckily we packed another layer (a must) and enjoyed a snack before heading back down to the Timber chair along the easier and relatively less inspiring cat tracks/roads.


Up on Polar Peak


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