Thunder Meadows round 2

Picture above: Meagan, Steve, Eveliene, Sylvie, Laura, Adam and Sam.

With Summer slowly coming to an end and friends moving on to new things and places, a trip to the cabin up in Thunder Meadows seemed a good way to spend a weekend. Our group of 8, along with our canine friend Huckleberry, set off from the trailhead at Island Lake around lunch and made it up to the Cabin by mid afternoon.

IMG_2292 IMG_2297






The wildflowers were still in full bloom and there were plenty of wild strawberries and blueberries to be had. Despite some bear scat and a few nervous Pikas and Squirrels, we didn’t come across any wildlife on the whole hike which was surprising given the recent sightings of cougars and bears on the trails lately.

IMG_2298 IMG_2302

We spent the rest of the afternoon throwing a frisbee and cracking into some drinks we brought up, yours truly indulging in the 3L goon bag perfectly chilled by a frozen water bottle. As dinner time approached, we hiked up the ridgeline with views of Orca rock and the bowl below (picture above right).

The rest of night we ate, drank and listened to some tunes before getting some rest for the hike down in the morning. Good times were had and it was great getting to share the experience with close friends and first timers to the cabin. For $50 to rent out, it’s a pretty cheap way to experience the back country with the comforts of shelter and hopefully this winter I’ll get to check it out with my ski touring set up (fingers crossed for good snow).



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