Longboarding in Kimberley

Above: crossing the train tracks in Fernie on a fall morning

A couple of weekends ago; Steve, Adam and myself drove out to Kimberley to check out the Northstar Rails to Trails, a 25km stretch of converted railway bed which forms part of the Trans Canada trail network. It’s a non-motorized only trail with a very mellow pitch which makes it perfect for chilled bike rides, walks or in our case some long-boarding.

IMG_2399 IMG_2408

It took us just over an hour to drive from Fernie to about 7km South of the actual trailhead where we dropped off our bikes so we could ride back to the car later. The 7km mark was near a Cheverolet dealership.  A short drive up the road we parked just near the Civic centre arena and followed the signs to the trailhead which was well marked and easy to find.

IMG_2418 IMG_2421

The asphalt on the trail was in perfect condition and we all cruised on our boards pretty effortlessly for the whole 7km. We only had to push a couple of times where it flattened out but for the most part you build up some fairly decent speed, especially from about the 4km -7km mark.

We reached our bikes pretty quickly and all agreed that next time it would be better to leave the bikes further down (the downhill extends to about 13-14km before it starts to go more uphill). Never the less it was a fun experience and was topped off with a game of disc golf in Cranbrook on the way home.


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