Happy Halloween

It’s crazy to think it has already been a year since Halloween last year. I’m living in a new home and many friends have come and gone since then however one thing that hasn’t changed is the spooky holiday itself. Still one of the biggest and best nights of the year in Fernie, it didn’t disappoint with some amazing costumes and a huge turn out despite the 30mm of rain that fell on Saturday. Any excuse to get dressed up and have a few wobbly pops with your mates.

As per last years post, there’s not much that pictures can’t say so here a few snaps of me and my mates this year. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t pick up any prizes as quite a few man hours were involved in making my costume, however at the end of the night with some pizza in hand I didn’t really care that much.

12204461_10153747828420439_729715294_o IMG_2486IMG_2500

Above (left to right): Kim and my housemate Tristen as Kiss, Meagan as Toad from Mario Kart and Jesse as the Paper bag princess.

12204557_10153273173867333_266750538_n IMG_2494

Me as Aladdin (yes I had seen the viral videos of the other Aladdin’s, sadly I had no means of electronic transport but had the levitation thing going), Steve as Ash Ketchum, Adam as the backwards man, Bowen as Goose and Steve as a caveman.

IMG_2467 IMG_2481

People put a lot of effort into decorating their houses.


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