What a difference a week makes…

and about 1.5m of snow!

The last time I posted, the ski hill at Fernie was just about to open and with only 2 chairs running due to lack of snow, it wasn’t looking good at all. But of course with a week and a half of that special Fernie factor, the scene has completely changed and as I write this the fluffy white stuff is falling from the sky.

A few big storms and the snow pack is now up to 180cm, a solid base for the rest of the season to build on and a cause for many happy faces. With the whole mountain open (except for the Polar Peak chair) myself and friends have enjoyed a solid week of powder days, getting lucky a few times as they opened new terrain that was untouched for a good week or two. Lot’s of great runs through Curry Bowl and Easter Bowl!

Temperatures have stayed cool and are looking to remain the same in the near future. This is a completely different picture to last year which went down as one of the driest/worst in a long while. Touch wood the good times here continue to roll!

Work has also started to pick up at the restaurant on the ski hill, Kelseys, as the school holidays have begun and the crowds roll into town. We had our staff party last week which was good fun. A turkey dinner and free drinks put on by Fernie Alpine resort was a welcomed treat. I’m working on Christmas eve/day and boxing day but will be sure to sneak in a few laps on the hill in between.

That’s it for now. Wishing all my family and friends around the world a merry X-mas and happy new year! 🙂 x


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