Happy New Year

Above: some very deep POW turns on Christmas day. One of the patrollers snapped this on her phone.

It’s been a busy holiday period here in Fernie with the last 2 weeks coinciding with school holidays and Christmas/New Years celebrations. With droves of people flocking to the slopes, the restaurant was very hectic but we all made it out alive with some well earned cash and are now enjoying some down time.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of snow since Christmas, however the odd flurry here and there and low temperatures have kept the hill in good shape. If we aren’t getting much snow at least we aren’t losing any, which was the case last year.

With the snowpack stabilising well in the area, the resort has opened up some more terrain in bounds. After a 20 minute hike some great powder turns can be sought out and without many tracks as most people avoid the strenuous up.

The same can be said for the snow in the back country where myself, Marcus and Andrea went for a tour yesterday into Mongolia Bowl. After a quick ski down Falling star, we exited to ski boundary and started skinning up the ridge. Our first turns down into the bowl were nice indeed, soft powder down to the bottom where we decided to head up the other ridge.

The way down here was a lot more difficult and to say we chose the wrong line is an understatement. Cliffed out, we had to boot back down some steep and very densely treed areas until it opened up again and we were able to ski down a small gully to where it joined the cross country trails. Many lessons learned on this outing and some sore legs today!


As for the slopes, it’ll be my last ski for a couple weeks as I’m heading back to Aus for one of my best mates wedding. I’m looking forward to some sun and time with Meg but will miss the slopes. Catch ya soon!


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