Gettin crafty

A month or so ago, our mate Steve had his 50th birthday in Fernie and a group of us guys decided to pitch in and give him something memorable, and in good taste we decide on a shot-board (beloved brother of the well known shotski).

After some deliberation, we decided on the what graphics and text we wanted on the board and went to check out Stephanie’s Glass and Art studio in downtown Fernie. Much to our luck, we discovered that she had a stencil printing machine and after a good couple hours of tweeking and adjusting were able to print off a full size stencil of the Fernie ski hill along with the text. To go with the board we also got some custom shot glasses with some basic prints of mountain life (bear, Moose, snowboarder and a mountain biker).


Following this, all of the credit for the craftsmanship has to go to Bowen. After sanding the board down, he drilled the holes for the shot glasses and applied a white base coat of paint. Marcus and I helped with laying the stencil down and pulling up the small parts that would be spray painted black, quite the tedious task which required a deft touch. Following that, Bowen spray painted the whole board black, pulled up the stencil and applied a couple layers of clear coat to finish. As you can see the finishing product is pretty amazing and Steve was definitely chuffed.

Another crafty project I got into over the holidays was building this tiny chalet I got for Christmas. It’s only the size of a pot plant but took some patience and soft hands to put together. All the pieces were pre cut and sanded, I only had to glue them together but still happy with the effort.




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