Fun in the Spring sun!

Above: Marcus, Myself and Bowen after hiking upper Cedar. Obligatory pic before our nice powdery descent!

The last few weeks have produced some cracking weather with sunny bluebird days and warm temps to go along with all of the events to wrap up the season. The Spring slush has been fun to ski in, being more forgiving when trying a few tricks and providing a softer landing for the more than often hard bail πŸ™‚

Apart from making the most of the Fernie resort, a couple weeks ago a small group of us squeezed in a roadtrip to Banff to ski Lake Louise and Sunshine. Conditions were much the same as in Fernie however with a lot less snow coverage which was a surprise. It was nice to spend some time in a proper park, hitting small kickers and building up to the bigger ones, something that Fernie unfortunately lacks.

Hot dog day is one of the “events” I speak of that somewhat officially kicks off the boozey final week and a half of the season. As ever it was a incredibly fun day, starting off with some drinks in the parking lot and followed by fluro filled 80’s madness on the ski hill and then at the Rusty Edge for the afternoon party. It’s a long day but so worth it. You can’t have a bad time in a onesie (or a mullet) πŸ˜€




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