Another season over

The ski hill closed up a couple of weeks ago bringing an end to another fun season (my third now) here in Fernie. The final day capped it all off with the Coca Cola slope soaker, involving 80 game souls ready to skim or splash into a pool of water at the base of the ski hill.


The Kelsey’s crew 2016

Having missed it in my first season and the conditions being too poor last year to hold the event, I was keen to get involved and managed to duck out of work to take part. Donned in my Batman onesie and carrying a tray of water (double-sided sticky tape may or may not have been involved) I made the last-minute decision to try and skim across rather than hit the jump, and it paid off! With a help from a quick ski wax from my manager Gui I carried enough speed to just make it across, dry and without any spillage.


The performance was good enough to take out top place with first pick of the prize table (I chose a nice set of Rossi touring poles). Funnily enough it was just one in a string of lucky wins over the last month or so. On St Pats day I won a bar fridge full of beer from The Pub and on staff day I won the door prize (a Burton wallet and ski helmet compatible headphones).

Now with the winter season over, focus is now on bike season with it being my first summer getting into mountain biking. After only a few rides I’m slowly getting hooked and am keen to improve after a few stacks and over the handle bar stunts already. I’ll be returning to Kelsey’s to work full-time once the ski hill opens for its brief summer season but until then I’ll be trying to do some landscaping work.

The summer is shaping up to be another good one with Meagan moving down in August and some trip ideas already in the works. Hopefully I’ll have something fun to share soon. Til then 🙂 …



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