Bikin and Hikin in Fernie

Above: the boys at Island Lake after our ride up Lazy Lizard.

The biking trails in Fernie have been in great condition recently, muddy in sections but mainly nice and grippy due to periods of rain followed by warm temps . Today a group of us headed to the provincial park and biked up Lazy Lizard, a flowy 7km trail that takes you up to Island Lake Lodge.

The trail is easily found, turning off highway 2 onto Mt Fernie Park Road and heading up to Island Lake lodge where the trail starts on the right hand side just after a large steel gate. It’s a decent up and we were lucky not to have too much traffic going either way. Near the top we passed a rider who said he had run into a Grizzly on the road, pretty hairy but we continued in a tight group and eventually made it to the lake before heading down (unfortunately the lodge wasn’t open yet so we couldn’t have a well earned beer in the sun).


Apart from some standard laps up in Ridgemont, another new trail I got to ride a few days ago was Red Sonja. It was muddy and tough going uphill after a couple of days of rain but the downhill proved to be in better condition and quite enjoyable, being steeper and more technical than what we did today. It also has a sweet feature at the end of the trail (pictured above).

Last week, Meg came down to Fernie for a small stint before her Eurotrip so the bike was put away and the hiking boots laced up instead. As she is now away for 2 months, we tried to squeeze as much in as possible and ticked off Fairy Creek Falls, Castle Mountain and Mt Fernie early in the week (everyone felt the burn of 900+m of elevation from Mt Fernie). We even managed to fit in a game of tennis and a few games of frolf. Another reminder of how many activities and opportunties exist at your doorstep in this amazing town!


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