King of the Castle

Above: not Kings of the Castle but happy none-the-less. Me, Eveliene and Jess at the top.

On one of my first blog posts I stated how I don’t consider myself to be, or to have ever been, a runner. However living in the mountains I do make an exception for trail running and this morning I took part in my first trail running event here in Fernie, BC. The aptly named “King of the Castle”  involved a jaunt up to the bench of Castle Mountain and was organised by the Stag Leap running co. (a newly formed trail running group based in Fernie).

The route  started from the River road extension bridge off Coal Creek road, and followed some of the well known bike trails all the way to the top of Castle rocks for a total  distance of 5km and 677m vertical. Not the typical way to start a Sunday morning but I was keen to see how I’d fair amongst the pack.

After a brief meeting at the North Face tent we set off at 10am on the dot, climbing immediately on the road and then single track through the trees. The first 1/3 of the run was a mixture of medium grade switch backs and some small flat areas. I faired much better in this period compared to the next 1/3 which had some long steep stretches. My goal of running the whole trail was thwarted by a couple of sections where I walked for about 30 seconds (because it was actually faster than the small running steps I was taking).


The final 1/3 I got into my stride and managed to pass two people and felt more comfortable powering up some of the steeper sections. Even the very final ascent I was able to keep running and touched the bench for a final time of 45:16.1 which was +10:32.9 on the fastest time and earned me 12th overall out of 40. I was pretty chuffed as trail running is only a part of my fitness regime as well as mountain biking at the moment.


A couple of finishers enjoying a post race rest on the bench.

Unfortunately I was only able to stay around for a short rest before running back down to my car to get to work on time (which turned out to be a super busy shift). I write this now enjoying a rum and ginger ale with my feet up. I’ll probably be hurting tomorrow but enjoyed the event. Cheers to the Stag leap guys for putting it on!



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