Summer so far

It’s midway through July and summer is slowly ticking over. Despite being a lot wetter and cooler than last year, there has still been plenty of things to do outdoors and town remains busy with tourists for the school holidays. Biking and work has taken up most of my time but I’m still trying to make the most of all the valley has to offer before the cold months return.


On a few sunny days I’ve had off I’ve been heading out to Tie Lake, a small but pretty lake about 45 minutes west of Fernie. It has a day and separate night camping area a long different parts of the shore which make it easy to set up for the day. Really convenient for a half day trip and a nice spot for floating with a beer.

Working on the ski hill for summer, I’ve got arguably one of the best commutes home which runs through Mt Fernie Provincial Park (Old Goat/Happy Gilmar trails). The perfect way to end a busy serving shift, the bike trail meanders through some old growth forest all the way down to the campgrounds ending at a small bridge and creek. So Zen, the first time I rode it with Dre we saw a lady meditating on a rock by the creek. Ohm shanti om!


Other fun things so far have been running through the extensive network of trails up in Ridgemont (only 5 minutes from my apartment) for which I have recruited some of my friends dogs to keep me company and safe from animal friends. I managed to finally try some of the food up at Island Lake Lodge (Burger with pork belly) which was delicious and to my surprise was very reasonably priced! Finally I’ve managed to ring into a slow pitch softball team the “Nomads”, with Liam and James who I have worked landscaping with for the last few seasons. Although just a beer league, the competitiveness of all the outdoor enthusiasts of Fernie definitely shows and makes for a fun evening two nights a week. Getting used to catching with a ball glove has been interesting but super fun. Up the Nomads!


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