Norbury Lakes

Above: Meg on the SUP, Norbury Lake BC.

A stones throw away/45 minute drive from Fernie is this quaint little lake which forms part of Norbury Lake Provincial Park. It’s a slightly longer drive than the more popular Baynes, Tie and Koocanusa lakes and also doesn’t allow motorised boats on it so therefore draws less attention and crowds. Meg and I were keen to camp but not in the backcountry so this seemed a perfect spot.

The park has a large number of campistes with easy walking access down to the lake and all equipped with fire rings/grill and a picnic bench. After picking a site, we walked down to check out the lake which was glassy clear and stunning in the afternoon sun. We got chatting to an older guy from Calgary named Tom who eventually let us have a go on his stand up paddle board to explore the lake. He definitely lived up to the polite Canadian stereotype! Meg and I enjoyed the relaxing paddle around and discussed getting a blow up version for next summer.


We continued on to walk to Peckham’s Lake on the other side of the park, did some Loon spotting and then headed back to camp for some sausages and red wine. It was a relatively warm night and we both slept decently inside the tent, the only downside was waking up to what smelled like skunk spray. Overall a great spot for some lake time without the crowds.



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