Some of Fernie Fall

Above: Meg and I up Spineback trail.

Just a few pics of what I’ve been up to so far this Fall. The ski hill has been closed for a month now and I’ve been working part-time at the local Pub in town and doing some odd jobs, mainly to keep busy. A part from that, there has been plenty of time for hiking, biking and enjoying the outdoors before the first snow arrives.


Above: Tim, Dre, Eric and Marcus taking in the view at the top of Big Money. A bit of a slog up but worth the view and the downhill, which was a step up for me. A few falls (one big over the bars) but got down in one piece.

Meg with her homemade caramel pecan cheesecake (made by yours truly) to celebrate her 23rd birthday. Earlier in the day we had hiked the Spineback trail up at Island Lake Lodge with Jake, Tristen and Brandon who had come down for the birthday weekend. The trail was officially closed due to an aggressive moose however with safety in numbers we hiked it and had no issues or encounters with said moose.

Me, Jake and Marcus enjoying some skate n shoot action at the local rink. I had my skates sharpened just beforehand (and for the first time) and it made such a difference. We are clearly the biggest rookies on the ice however our skating and puck handling are slowly improving (slowly!). The locals are super friendly with offering tips with shooting etc and being on the ice gives you a great appreciation for how skilled the pros are.


A nice Fall hike which we’ve done before, but happy to do again, is the trail to the Ammonite fossil. It’s one of the biggest of its kind in the world and you can see why with Meg posed next to it!


Jonno, Marcus and Rob on the final ascent to the top of Crows Nest mountain. We hiked this a few weeks ago and had some sections of snow up to 1 foot!


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