Fernie Winter 16/17

Above: another year, another Hot Dog day 🙂

What a winter! My 4th  in Fernie and probably the most enjoyable for many reasons, but mainly the snow. Countless fun days skiing with friends and enjoying Meg’s first winter  in Fernie together added to an amazing season. Besides a cold dry period early on the white stuff kept falling, putting smiles on the faces of tourists and locals alike as cries of “best day ever” became the norm in the lift lines.

The snow banks built up to alarmingly high levels with clearing crews working over time to keep the roads safe and accessible. My own brush for clearing the car had to be replaced with the amount of times I had to sweep snow off, often multiple times a day. There were even storms that closed the highways in both directions, an avalanche path one way and asphalt turned ice rink in the other. A guy in town was even filmed ice skating down the highway with skis slung over his shoulder during the worst of it. Find it on youtube I kid you not.

Above: early season jaunt out to Silver springs for some hockey.

The precipitation continued through to Easter, bringing with it a mix of rain and snow at higher elevations which I personally would have swapped for a few more sunny spring days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow but at the end of a long season it’s nice to enjoy some slushy laps whilst getting a top up of much needed vitamin D. The powder days in April however were a good consolation.

Above: Digging the car out after a storm and the snow pile build up from the parking lot.

So after an epic season, the ski hill has finally shut up shop after seeing 10.77 m of snowfall, over 30 POW days and countless others with excellent riding conditions. Between working 5 days at the restaurant and getting in line for the first few chairs on the deep days, I managed close to 60 days of skiing including 8 touring days a couple of road trips to other resorts as well as a trip over to Japan for 2 weeks (for another post). All the makings of a whole lot of fun and the good kind of tired!

So with the sights now set on a great summer to come and all the biking, hiking and camping that goes along with it, enjoy a few photos looking back at the winter that was…

Skiing with Rob and Russ on Polar Peak and me coming down Cedar Bowl.


A night spent up at Tunnel Creek Hut just outside of Fernie.

Marcus with some toe side powder in Tsugaike, Japan and Rob waist deep in Mongolia bowl, Fernie.


Sam enjoying some Japow through the trees


Another beautiful ride up the Polar Peak chair



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