May long

Above: Meg enjoying the view of the lake. The levels are really low at the moment but it’s one of the few spots with enough flowing water where you can swim.

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated May Long which is notorious for cold and wet weather,  so with the bluebird sunny days that have been hitting Fernie, we decided to go camping out on Lake Koocanusa.

The first camping jaunt of the season started in town with a meet up of our crew for some coffee and to grab some last minute things at the supermarket. As the caffeine brought us to life we noticed too that town was buzzing with a palpable energy that can only be brought on by a long weekend, sun and the endless outdoor activities that Fernie has to offer. With this however brings the crowds, something we were looking to avoid so we hastily made our retreat to the road.


I’d like to say that the trip started on a peaceful note, however I’d be lying a tad. Despite being only around an hours drive to the camp spot, the last half an hour took us through some questionable dirt roads with some decent sized water features. No worries for the rest of the group who were driving 4WD capable vehicles however a bit more concerning for my soccer mum van who despite being a formidable people mover with a hefty 3.8L V6, found it hard going. It made for an interesting drive, especially when water started appearing at my feet. I ended up having to park in an open meadow and then jumped in with Tyler for the remaining 5-10 minutes. Lucky we were camping in our tent and not the van otherwise we would’ve been lonely out in that meadow 🙂

Initial stress and anxiety over, we made camp at a secluded spot on the Kooc with only one other group in sight for the whole weekend. The rest of the afternoon was full of swims, frisbee, can-jam (a new and very exciting game) and May Long drinking. The fire started up in the early evening and raged into the morning accompanied by some good tunes and acoustic guitar by Jer and Kyle.


The next day we were all a bit sunburnt but enjoyed the morning at the spot before heading back to town. Luckily my van made it out in one piece and I made sure to take it to the car wash the next day (the poor thing looked like it had been mud bogging, unfortunately I was not in the frame of mind to take pictures at the time).

Also in other news, Meg and I picked up a hummingbird feeder which has been popular. Simple syrup of 1 part sugar and 4 parts water seems to do the trick.




One thought on “May long

  1. Hi Jord. Looks like you have started summer early. Enjoying the outdoors, hope it’s a long and warm summer with lots of road trips and barbecues. Looking forward to seeing you and Meq next year xx


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