Wedge Mountain

Above: Views of Crowsnest mountain on the hike up the ridge.

A group of us decided to hike to the old plane crash wreckage in Coleman however found  that a disgruntled land owner had blocked the entrance to the road leading to the trail head with some hefty sized boulders. After a quick chat with some locals, we found out that random people had been using the road to access this mans property and use it as a dumping ground as well as a place to steal gravel/fill.

Saddened by this news we ruled out the hike as starting from where the road is cut off was not an option as it would add an extra hour or 2 in each direction. Instead we did a quick internet search and found the details to a trail only a few minutes away by drive and that afforded some nice views of the surrounding areas.

The hike for Wedge mountain is accessed off Highway 3 in West Coleman, Alberta. You turn onto 61st st and make a right hand turn onto 23rd Avenue which continues straight and merges into 63rd st. Follow this for several km’s and you will pass over a couple of cow grates. Keep going until you come into a large clearing/field. There will be signs of camping if there are not already other vehicles in the area. Park to the right almost immediately upon entering this clearing and you will see a small creek and bridge which is where to start the hike.

Above: (Left) Meg and Vinnie coming down what is the start of the hike, (Right): about 10-15 minutes in you hit some scree. We used a similar photo from another blog to make sure we were heading in the right direction by using landmarks in the background.

Walk over the creek on the dirt road (looks like a quad trail and/or logging road) and immediately after crossing bear left and start ascending. This is where we initially went wrong as we just followed the dirt road thinking there would be a noticeable trail. FYI there isn’t at the start and you just have to gain some elevation and then trails become more noticeable.

As you climb there is loose sharp scree as well as loose dirt/rock sections (good hiking boots recommended). Continue up the ridge of the mountain following the obvious trails you see which all intersect each other. After about an 1-1.5 hrs you should be at the top which is marked by a large wooden cross. Enjoy the views and be careful of the loose scree on the way down, there were some minor bum scrapes and near misses in our crew.


Ev and Emil relaxing after the hike 

After the hike we drove back to West Coleman to find Star Falls, a small waterfall that was near the campground we would spend the night. Upon looking for them, we stumbled upon a campground near the trailhead which we decided to set up for the night instead. Quite, open and next to a running creek the site made for a decent nights camping and a few bevs after a hot day in the sun.



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